New 2020 Instrumental Album


When you DONATE $25 or more get a signed copy of first Album “Tall Tales” and NEW 2020 album. First album will be shipped within 2 weeks of donation. NEW album will be shipped once copies are available. (Please add your shipping information when donating)


I can't easily put into words how excited I am to be ramping up to record my second instrumental record. My last album was well received. It was sold in nine different countries, and I received praise and encouragement both family, friends, and new fans. I've been working very hard to finish writing this second album, and the writing and pre-production is now finished. I am excited to hit the studio with the band and introduce you fine people of the world to my second project! 

After my first album "Tall Tales" debuted in January 2018, I immediately started preparing for this new record. I was so inspired by what everyone involved with "Tall Tales" accomplished. It was a true labor of love, and it took almost a year and a half to complete. The musicianship on the record was first class, and I am thankful that all of the musicians from "Tall Tales" have agreed to be a part of this second album. I also have some new guest artists that will be revealed at a later date.

The Goal: I want to set myself apart as an artist and move away from being seen as just another hired gun. I am trying to carve out my identity as an artist, and that cannot be achieved without producing work and sharing it. This work is instrumental in showing that I am serious and have a voice. With your help, I can achieve this goal. 

Recording music is not cheap. Not to cry a river, but with music being stolen and listening platforms destroying the revenue stream for artists, it is not financially beneficial to record and release albums as an up and coming artist. That being said, as an artist with a love for music, when you believe in what you are doing and producing, you find a way! 

A band, engineer, guest artists, production, post-production, licensing and distribution all requires capital. These expenses cripple artist's like me from being able to create and contribute new and different music to the current musical climate. As an independent artist, funding a project like this on my own is simply not possible without help.

I will continue to find as many ways to financially support this record as possible, but your belief in the arts and in me will be what makes this dream continue to come to fruition. Every dollar counts, and I have many different ways available to support. Thank you for your belief in me and support. 

Your friendly starving artist,

Charles L. Gilbert

Thank You: Scott Howard, Scott Ward, Carolyn Davenport, J.T. Hamilton, Bonnie Martin, Stacia Watkins, Craig Brannon, Yant Family, Fred Stewart, Jeremy Connell, David Nagoda, Robert Berry, Michael Jessie and Anthony Woodall.